Outfit of the Day #4: Sweet ~♡

♡ Hello everyone! I put this outfit together last week, but I totally forgot to post it!
I absolutely love these pieces individually and together~

♡ Again, everything is free! (I really need to find a way to make that clear so I don't have to keep saying it haha...)


Hair :: !lamb :: Honeycomb Roots hair :: This is a beautiful subscribo gift! Just subscribe by clicking the sign. After it confirms, click the sign again and look at the history to receive the gift!

Skin :: *MY UGLYDOROTHY :: Special 1L 7 Skin :: I love My UglyDorothy skins! This is one of my favorites. At first, I thought it looked just a little too pale, but I'm used to it now. I made a shape especially for this skin because the eyeshadow can look odd if it's super un-creased. Anyhow, go check this out!

Lipstick :: JM:Mai :: Crystal Lip in Pink :: Lucky board item!

Eyelashes :: HUSH :: Hush Lashes :: This is a really pretty group gift!

Nails :: Candy Nails :: #P088 Enishi White Nails :: Group gift~


Dress :: Chocolate Atelier :: Anica Pink Dress :: This beautiful dress is on the lucky board for an already extended limited time! I believe it's a 10-minute lucky board! :)

Capelet :: BF*GG :: Mink Short Fur Capelet :: I'm completely against real animal fur, but why not wear the pixelated version on SL? This capelet is free at BF*GG~

Usamimi :: [monso] :: My Bunny Band :: I posted about this here awhile ago~

Necklace :: =zenith= :: Ribbon Necklace :: I absolutely love this adorable necklace! You can change the color of the chain and the little pearl by clicking it~ :)

Shoes :: KoKo :: Shearling Boots :: I posted about these here~




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