Back for the Summer + MY UGLYDOROTHY

Hi guys! I was gone for a long time, and I want to apologize for that. I was extremely busy with school things and end of the school year preparations. However, it is officially summer for me (I'm going to be in college next year!), and I want to key you all in some free things before school begins.

Without further ado...
 ♡ MY UGLYDOROTHY recently opened! ♡ 
This is one of my favorite skin shops. It closed awhile ago for renovations, but opened with a new skin (Miu), a lip set, and a fresh group gift!

This gift contains a set of tattoos: a face, eye (eye liner, more like), lip, and lip (with teeth). It also has an eyebrow. It basically goes over whatever skin you're currently wearing. This way, you can edit it to your liking.

Okay, enjoy~


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