Outfit of the Day #3: USAMIMI~

    Hi everyone! I've been meaning to post this super cute outfit for awhile now, but I've been busy with school and such. The outfit is based on Korean fashion that's super trendy right now. Korean FOB fashion has been changing recently, and there has been a soft/hard, feminine/strong theme. The headband is popular in Asia. It's called an usamimi; usagi means "rabbit" in Japanese70's fashion is also in, so there's a lot of platform shoes and peter pan collars floating around (not to mention pinstripes!). So there we go, another totally free outfit!

♡     In terms of SL, I finally figured out how to take super hi-res photos with white backgrounds! All you have to do is download a free white background on the marketplace and place a few in a sandbox. Super easy, no land required! Please click the photos to enlarge them, so you can see the wonderful items in detail.

♡     Now, what you've all been waiting for: the Free Outfit of the Day!


Hair :: Analog Dog :: Mint Earth Side Swept Short Hair :: Find it at the smaller freeball peninsula-island towards the Northwest side of the store.

Blouse :: La petite fleur :: Mesh Peplum Top :: Comes in XS, S, and M. Alpha layer included! This is one of my favorite group gifts of all time!

Leggings :: [UMEBOSHI] :: Pabu Tights :: I love these super adorable pastel tights/leggings. They can be worn many ways and have the cutest cat print on the knees! There are also a few other gifts here you can pick up on the way.

Usamimi Headband :: [monso] :: My Bunny Band Gift :: Here are the Usamimi headbands I was raving about! They come in black and white. Join the group to get the gift!

Necklace :: **YBR :: Bronze Cat Necklace :: This is such a cute necklace! Get it for free at the JPK square!

Bag :: Beginner Center :: Jojo Bag :: This is a huge square in Japan SL with a ton of shops and a little park bench in the middle with a TON of free gifts. There are poses, outfits, and of course, this bag! It's totally modifiable, so alter it to your size and pose!


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