Outfit of the Day #18: Summer Rain ☂

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope well~ Yesterday my friend Julja gave sets of lovely poses she made for Lavinia Store. Thank you so much Julja! I love them. ^ u ^ One of them is called Rainy Day, and contains five adorable poses for just that -- a rainy day! They are a new release, out only today in store. You can see the set here~ Her shop is very cute and quaint. I know you'll love it! She also has a My Cold Winter promo set available for only 50L$. It's extremely adorable. ^ u ^

So... I went off to take pictures in the rain.  I was inspired by the warm feeling of rain during summer; it's not really cold, but it's very lovely, and afterwards it smells so fresh! Unfortunately my photoshop is being stupid and keeps crashing on me, so these pictures are barely edited. Sorry for imperfections!

This lovely top I'm wearing (thank you Youniss!) is a new release by Honey*Soul. It comes in four colors: beige, gray, black, and red, each with a matching back ribbon. It's so cute and is selling for only 100L$ right now. It's so well made and so very cute! It's perfect for summer~ I would also wear it over a bikini! ^ u ^ Here's a rowboat to the store. Don't forget to say hi to Gon, the adorable black pug, for me!

Hair :: D!va :: Ange (Cat's Eye) :: Not free. Ah, I'm wearing this so much! It goes well with everything haha. Only 188L$ at Collabor 88 until the end of this month. New!
Skin :: Mother Goose :: Edith :: Dollarbie
No makeup today. ^ u ^ Au naturel~

Top :: Honey*Soul :: Christine Top (Gray) :: Not free. New release for 100L$ per color! Perfect for summer. ^ u ^ Go go go check it out! New!
Skirt :: Silvery K :: Long Skirt (Flower) :: Lucky board! Comes with a vest. Both components have a color-changeable HUD. The textures are very nice!
Shoes :: little bones :: Dahlia Lace Up Heels (Blue) :: Cute group gift!

Umbrella :: Resort Style *Hana* :: UMBRELLA :: Free on the marketplace! Comes in three cute designs.
Bracelet :: [HANDverk] :: Metal Cuff (Winter is Coming) :: Free group gift! so cute. ^ u ^

Poses :: Lavinia Store :: Rainy Day Poses :: Not free. Came out today for only 100L$ per set! They are really cute and expressive. Try them out! New!


That's all for now. Thanks guys ^ u ^!

{ P.S. }I would love to review any of your fashion products, and I'm currently open to be an official blogger for your shop or event. Just contact me. Kisses !


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