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Hi everyone! Just wanted to show you a quick review of Lavinia store's Milicent skin! It includes two makeups and a base-skin with no makeup. When I first saw it, it reminded me of a quirky, but sweet doll! So I put on a dolly hair and makeup. ^ u ^ The picture here shoes the base skin. It has a lovely eyebrow color that makes it seem very delicate! The lips are very unique looking and I love it. It's so dolly! The makeups are called Cherry and Rose, each corresponding to the lip color. Each is only 200L$, and the no-makeup version a mere 150L$. Although you can add your own makeup like I did, it's not necessary because it looks very cute even without makeup. So with that being said, please go check out Julja's store! It's lovely! Sit around for awhile, have a cup of tea, try on some poses! Okay, have a lovely night. 
Skin :: Lavinia Store :: Milicent (Nude) :: Not free. Lovely doll-like skin~ Only 150L$. Make up versions are 200L$! New!

Hair :: Lo*momo :: Lolita Hair :: Group gift. ^ u ^
Eyelashes (1) :: Mother Goose :: Pointed Lashes #3 :: Lucky board.
Eyelashes (2) :: ROSY MOOD :: Corner Only Lashes :: Free 0L$ gift.
Lip :: JM:MAI :: Crystal Lip (Doll) :: Lucky board!
Blush :: Chus! :: Dollie Blush (Lava) :: No longer available

See you all tomorrow. 

{ P.S. }I would love to review any of your fashion products, and I'm currently open to be an official blogger for your shop or event. Just contact me. Kisses !


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