Outfit of the Day #11: When in Paris ♡

I'm super excited to show you all these photos! I turned on Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field for once (my viewer completely crashed last time I tried) and the pictures came out great, I think. Or at least, better than usual! I took a ton, and I'll post them all on Tumblr

 So I thought I'd revert back to a cute-sy style which I've been lacking this summer. I also created a new, more petite shape. I'm loving it! What do you guys think? Anyways, I had a lot of fun with this, and I hope you all like it. 

Because some items are no longer available/not free and I still want to credit them, I will be putting them in a minty color. Coral = Free ; Mint = NF/NA


Hair :: D!va :: Diva2 (Black Amber) :: Lovely gift above the lucky boards at D!va. It has two hair types -- wig or no wig -- and the option of a beautiful red flower wreathe. 
Skin :: Mother Goose :: Edith :: Dollarbie
Lashes :: REDGRAVE :: Hollywood Lashes :: No longer available.
Eyes :: ROZENA :: Afternoon Tea Eyes :: Free, posted about here.
Blush :: {.essences.} :: Contour Coral Blush :: Store closed for now, will open later!
Freckles :: C'est la vie :: Cheek + Freckle  :: This is one of the most well made freckle products I've tried in awhile. It's a group gift that comes with a cute apple beret. :)
Lip :: Eyelure :: Candy Gloss :: A sheer gloss that gives lips a nice, plump shape. I love the light, sweet color. Subscriber gift: click the history and choose message #5. 

Shirt :: couverture :: Border Cut Sewn (White + Red) :: Well made mesh shirt that comes in several colors (navy, white, black), each with a red stripe option. Group gift right when you enter.
Stockings :: Lucky Tiger :: Black Cat Stockings :: 50L prize from B&W Cat Hunt. The hunt is officially over, but you can still find the item on a desk by the entrance. It's a black cat silhouette. There are also other colors available in a Kitten Stockings Gacha, only 15L per play. 
Shoes :: *.amato.* :: Natural Sneaks (02) :: Free at Beginner's Luck in several areas. 
Headband :: [EY:NO] :: Bunny Headband (Silver) :: I can't find this store anymore! It was originally at White Bay Cay, but I think it closed. Sorry guys.
Earrings:: Ichigo Earrings :: Unfortunately I can't find the store I got these at for the life of me. It was quite awhile ago, so I apologize profusely! If any of you know where to get these, please let me know! Thanks, and sorry!

***Coral = Free ; Mint = NF/NA



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