Outfit of the Day #6: Little Lady

♡ What's up everyone! It's been a great week for me, and I'm so happy to be able to chill at home. I've had this outfit ready for quite awhile now, but I never really got around to showing you guys. Enjoy!

♡ Sakide had these awesome dresses for the Summer Fashion Festival. There were a ton of wonderful, free dresses at ArisAris; unfortunately, it ended. Sorry guys! I have many other gems to share with you though, so keep reading! Love you all. <3

NOTE: below items all free


Skin :: Mother Goose :: Edith :: This is a beautiful skin, and my favorite one right now! It has a lovely teal eyeshadow and sweet coral blush. This version can be found for 1L at the counter. 

Lipstick :: JM:Mai :: Crystal Lip in Morange :: Lucky board item!

Eyes :: ROZENA :: Afternoon Tea Eye :: I LOVE these eyes! They're free at the store. Look for a shelf with similar eyes. Lying on the shelf horizontally should be a box that you can click for these eyes. 


Jewelry :: Lazuri :: Classic Pearls Set :: This lovely set has multiple colors you can change with a click. The ones pictured are ivory. 

Shoes :: Lindy Appleigh :: Nude Pumps :: Group gift at the store. You can also purchase them at the marketplace for 89L. There are several additional colors available. 


Have fun! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


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