So I know I'm changing my blog a lot but...

I'm just not satisfied with the look! I like simple, but frilly and sweet designs. I'm a do-it-yourself and customize-everything type of girl, so I've decided to make my own template. It usually takes me a day for designing and making graphics and another day for coding, so I might not be as active as usual! I'll try to add another fashion post tonight or tomorrow, but probably no OOTD's for a few days. Sorry guys!

Take this time to visit my tumblr (please ♡), as my next post might be there (hint hint!) 

Okay thanks everyone. Love you all,

P.S. Ahh I totally forgot why I was writing this! I just wanted to let you all know that since I'll be editing the design of the blog, that everything might be a little messed-up or weird from time to time in the next couple of days. Don't worry! It'll look nice afterwards, I promise (and hopefully I'll get more readers!)

In the mean time, I'll be contacting you all through tumblr. I'll post previews, updates, new item reviews there. Okay bye (for real this time!)


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