Outfit of the Day #22: BLACK CAT ☆

Hello hello ^ u ^ Today my friend Julja and I visited the Love Donna Flora event, which is raising money for Donna Flora, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. There were so many beautiful items there, but we were both broke. ; ^ ; I hope to go again soon to support the cause. I'm still a student, so I feel sad that I don't have the funds to support on a greater level. Nevertheless, even if you cannot afford it, it is still fun to walk around the lovely sim. There are many breast cancer themed items, which hopefully can help raise awareness. Breast cancer is the most common cancer and can afflict both men and women. It is truly a global issue that is thankfully, through events like these, becoming increasingly recognized.

On a lighter note, I'm very excited for this post! The balloon shorts I'm wearing are from LUAS Urban Style. Aren't they cute? I fell in love with them and I'm so happy to show them to you! They are called Meg Shorts and are available in many colors: black, blue, camel (shown here), pink, and green. They also come with a color-changeable belt (8 colors). I'm always surprised by LUAS' affordable prices; these shorts are only 60L$ a pair! Ainara is truly a master at mesh items; these fit perfectly! Go on over and grab them now~ 

Okay, hope you enjoy today's outfit. ^ u ^

Hair :: elikatira :: Garden (Brown 04) :: Not free. I'm wearing these a lot, but I have so many colors and it's so cute... > u < 66L$ for one color spectrum, 75L$ for Essentials Collection.
Skin :: <MARIKO> :: Remake (Yura) :: Not free. 300L$ one skintone (The Chapter Four). 600L$ for two skintones, one makeup (regular).
Lashes :: Mother Goose :: Pointed Lashes #1 :: Lucky board!

Top :: {PopTart} :: Meow Cropped Top :: Group gift!
Bottom :: LUAS Urban Style :: Meg Short (Camel) :: Not free. Cutest balloon shorts ever! Only 60L$ a pair!!
Shoes :: In Her Shoes :: Sneakers (Brown) :: Cute shoes for free! The entire store is free, by the way. ^ u ^

Headband :: [monso] :: My Bunny Band (Black) :: Free gift
Belt :: *P&P* :: Knotted Belt Gold Buckle (Wearable Demo) :: Free demo!
Stockings :: Lucky Tiger :: Black Cat Stockings :: Not free. 50L prize from B&W Cat Hunt. The hunt is officially over, but you can still find the item on a desk by the entrance. It's a black cat silhouette. There are also other colors available in a Kitten Stockings Gacha, only 15L per play. 
Bracelet :: [HANDverk] :: Metal Cuff (Winter is Coming) :: Free group gift! so cute. ^ u ^
Glasses :: ::kDm:: :: Suika Glasses (Normal) :: Free group gift! So cute~

That's all for now. Have a lovely day. If you haven't yet, please consider adding me. ^ u ^ 
IM: AmelieSeul

{ P.S. }I would love to review any of your fashion products, and I'm currently open to be an official blogger for your shop or event. Just contact me. Kisses !


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