Outfit of the Day #20: Hungry at Matsuri ♥

Hello my lovely readers~ ^ u ^ Today I organized my "objects" folder. It took about 3 hours! My day went by so quickly. ; ^ ;;; Yesterday I visited the Matsuri at Hakata. It was so adorable and realistic! I grabbed a lot of free food (yes, lots of free food there!) and even went to the haunted house. It was so scary! Today I came up with this cute outfit and reminded me of the fair (because of the watermelon maybe?) so I took a few pics there, this time sans yukata. I hope you enjoy this outfit. ^ u ^

For those of you who saw my tumblr post about hairs, I ended up buying the elikatira Garden hair, which is shown here. It was a little stressful because it failed to deliver, but Elikapeka Tiramisu quickly fixed it for me. Thank you! Her hairs are high quality, adorable, and at very reasonable prices. I bought the Essentials Collection, which has 8 colors and is only 75L$. You can also buy her hairs in less colors of the same spectrum for only 66L$. New hairs are slightly more expensive (75 regular, 84 essentials.) I hope you like my choice. ^ u ^ I will go back soon for another one hehe.

See this lovely t-shirt I'm wearing? I'm in love with it! It looks so casual and comfortable. I really like the way it looks untucked and natural~ It's a new release by Eyelure (thank you Willow!) that's also available with a print of an adorable dog on it in green. It's so cute! It fits flawlessly and is only 88L$ right now. Her store has so many amazing items: both makeup and clothing in lovely, bright colors, all for lovely prices. Please go take a look! Willow also has many group gifts available to you. ^ u ^

Hair :: elikatira :: Garden (Brown 08) :: Not free. Lovely hair~ Hope you like. ^ u ^ Only 66L$ for one color spectrum, or 75L$ for Essentials Collection.
Skin :: <MARIKO> :: Remake (Yura) :: Not free. 300L$ for TCF or 600L$ regular for two skintones.
No makeup; au naturel!

Top :: Eyelure :: Shoulder Tee (White) :: Not free. New release for only 88L$! It's a lovely price and an even lovelier item! Go grab it now~ ^ u ^ New!
Bottom :: .wound :: Hipsta Shorts (Grunge) :: Free gift for FPH (Atooly Hunts Fist Pump Hunt)!
Shoes :: tram :: Carnation Flats (Black) :: Group gift in store!

Headband :: .dots. :: Headband Watermelon :: Gift on the marketplace! I found this on accident while stalking the designer, who I saw wandering the changing room I go to. I liked her style hahaha~ But after I found it and came back to thank her, she disappeared! Whoops. ; ^ ; 
Tattoo (Left) :: MAKAROONG ! :: HUG ME tattoo :: Old group gift ; no longer available. One of my favorite shops ever! Although this is no longer available, please still stop by. It's an adorable place with lovely items. ^ u ^ 
Tattoo (Right) :: MAKAROONG ! :: Space travel tattoo :: No longer available. See above? :)
Tattoo (Back) :: chocolate atelier :: Free Bird (back) :: Free The Gallery Gift Shop hunt gift!

Food item :: *Edelweis* Matsuri :: Jagabutter :: Free at the various booths if you join group! Please stay around, it's so much fun! So much to do, so much to hear, so much to see!

Pose (shown in first picture) :: Lavinia Store :: CUTIE poses (MakeupMe #1) :: Not yet available! Please check out her other very, very cute poses in her store. ^ u ^ These are my very favorite poses right now~

So today I realized one reason why SL is so slow sometimes... I didn't know I was supposed to delete scripts from items! So now I'm deleting every unpacking script I see. I have so many items though... it's gonna take a long time haha. Okay, that's it for now! 

Please friend me on second life if you'd like to talk! I love meeting new people. ^ u ^

Don't forget to visit my tumblr and flickr, where there are always more photos! Yay! 

{ P.S. }I would love to review any of your fashion products, and I'm currently open to be an official blogger for your shop or event. Just contact me. Kisses !


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