Outfit of the Day #10: STREET KITTY ♠

   Hello all! Today I updated several parts of the blog. The Contact Me section is updated to reflect current links, and Syndicates + Review Policy pages added. Hopefully you'll be able to better navigate my blog and be able to contact me easier with the new changes! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
  ♡ Now onto the outfit~ I'm going to be using this Edith skin (more info here) until I find something even better. Since Outfit #9 had such dark colors, I thought I'd brighten up the mood a little with a lavender pastel romper and a lighter backdrop. Hope you guys like it!
Hair :: [Due] :: Lily in Dark Blond 2 :: This is an adorable fatpack of hairs available as a color sample. The product is extremely high quality; I can't find any flaws. The colors are adorable, and Due's other hairs are equally amazing. Please go check them out!
Lip :: JM:Mai :: Crystal Lip in Pink :: Lucky board!
Eyes :: Mayfly :: Liquid Light Eyes in London Fog :: Free gift. It can be found on the second floor against a wall with other Liquid Light Eyes. 
Skin :: Mother Goose :: Edith :: Lovely 1L skin!

One-Piece :: Miss Canning :: Vanessa Romper in Lilac :: Amazing, huge selection of group gifts and cheapies available. Go look around! I love the color of this romper~
Headband :: { d o l l l e * } :: Cat Ears Leather Head Band :: Group gift
Necklace :: Pure Poison :: Lore Necklace :: Group gift. It fits really well!
Bag :: Honey Kitty :: Cat fuwafuwa Bag :: One of the cutest, sweetest shops I've ever been to. It has the most adorable decorations! You receive this item immediately after joining the group.
Ring :: .Olive. :: Bow Ring :: Group gift for SL Fashion Week.
Shoes :: LETHAL :: AMEN Distress Bootie :: Group gift~
♡ Have fun~


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