Outfit of the Day #61 ♡ ANGELICA Yoni Skin Review

Hello everyone! Today I have something a little special for you. This is ANGELICA's new YONI Skin, and I wanted to review it for you because I'm completely in love with it. Please scroll down for the Skin Review

In today's outfit, I'm wearing Magika's new Dots hair that is super cute. It reminds me of Harmony, which I blogged before, but it's much more casual and versatile. I love the feminine waves Magika designer Sabina Gully has been incorporating into her designs lately. It's so soft and pretty! 

I hope you enjoy.


Hair :: Magika :: Dots HUD 1 NEW!
Skin :: (*ANGELICA) :: Yoni - Cream bd brow NEW!

Top :: 2PM :: Marine Girls Shirt
Bottom :: Amitomo :: Summer School Uniform Skirt #7 gacha 
Shoes :: VCO :: summer picnic (Summer Shoes - Flower) gacha

Head :: Ambrosia :: Rose Corolla [pure_rose] gacha 
Bag :: u.f.o :: moon light bag - cloud - coral 5
Ring :: (Yummy) :: Bumble Bee - Pink gacha

Pose :: (*ANGELICA) :: CUTE POSE for MESH HANDS gift




Hi everyone! I wanted to show you all ANGELICA's new skin YONI in more depth than I usually do. I absolutely love the softness and delicate, feminine features!

The skin comes in four skin tones: cream (which I'm wearing above in the ootd), peach, milktea, and latte. Each skin pack runs for L$800 and contains 3 brow colors, each with a cleavage & no cleavage option, as well as an additional no-brow version. No eyebrow shape is included, but it's not necessary. You can, however, as I did, easily create an eyebrow shape if you're mad about personalization down to the nitty gritty details as I am. I'm also willing to provide my personal eyebrow shape for you if you want; just shoot me a message on SL. ANGELICA also has its own super cute YONI shape for L$400 available. 

YONI has two exclusive lip makeup sets, one for the regular SL lip and the other are LOUD MOUTH appliers. I'll focus on the regular lip since I don't actually have mesh lips, but I'll touch on those a bit too. The regular YONI Lipstick goes for L$200 and includes 5 light, pastel colors in all the four skin tone variations. I've always loved ANGELICA's lipsticks because they appear so soft and sweet. This pack, exclusively for YONI skin, is no exception. The colors are almost tinted-looking so there isn't a huge color variation, but it gives the lips just a little color. I love how the skin has an exclusive set, since sometimes wearing makeup from a different designer and style results in a clash or weirdly matching skin tones. You can see my photo of the different lip colors below. The Loud Mouth Appliers are merely L$99, and include a whopping 8 different colors. They're also soft and pastel, so if you have a Loud Mouth, I'd recommend getting them so you don't have annoying skin matching problems.

The lovely thing about ANGELICA skins is that if you need SLINK appliers, you need only buy them once per skin tone, as the skin tones are consistent across the varying skins. So if you're set on the cream color, you can buy the appliers once and be able to use them for all ANGELICA cream colored skins. They run for L$99 each, with hands and feet sold separately. The fat pack for all four skin tones of hands AND feet is L$499. Please see YONI's exclusive Loud Mouth Applier under Makeup.

All in all, YONI is a youthful, sweet skin with many skin variations, an exclusive lip collection, and versatile SLINK & Loud Mouth Appliers. Visit ANGELICA here and pick up some free gift poses on your way out too!


DISCLAIMER: I took these pictures for your reference if you're considering purchasing the skin. There are no color adjustments and are extremely minimally edited. Although ANGELICA is a sponsor of this blog, I only review what I like and these opinions are unbiased. Please try the demo before purchasing!

I hope this helped and thank you for reading my brief review!


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