Outfit of the Day #8: Meet DAMIAN ♡

 This is Damian, a new model for this blog! He's only several days old, but isn't he adorable? I had a lot of fun searching for clothes for him, and even more fun looking for a cool photography place. Now I finally can show you guys some male freebies that I've had my eye on for awhile. Enjoy!


Hair :: Heaven's Gate :: Varja Hair in Brown :: This item is free for beginners! 

Skin :: Mother Goose :: Dale LB :: This is available on one of Mother Goose's many lucky boards. I simply adore this skin; it's beautifully made.

Eyes :: IKON :: Ascension Eyes in Sahara :: Group gift available only until July 7th! Hurry on over to grab it! There is also a free DEMO of the same eyes in a smokey gray, so grab that while you're there. 


Shirt :: Heaven's Gate :: Argyle in Grey/Blue :: Free gift at the Heaven's Gate skybox. It's part of the Japan Resort Shop Limited Set~

Sweater :: Silvery K :: Union Jack Shirt in Navy :: This is an exquisite group gift! It comes in four colors: navy (pictured), gray, blue, and white. 

Jeans :: Silvery K :: Standard Jeans :: Silvery K has great group gifts! This one has a perfect vintage/distressed look.

Shoes :: [Beroy] :: Ethnic Male Shoes :: This is the male gift from the Excuse My French Hunt! Find the feathers, find this gift!


That's all for today. Until next time~ ♡


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