OOTD #31 & #32: Oh, the faces!

Hello everyone! My first OOTD after getting back from vacation! Ah and it is set during a troubling time. I won't go into detail because it's already bothering me constantly as it is. :) I feel like it's staining my reputation on SL. I feel truly attacked for something that shouldn't be, because it really is my creation! Sometimes people are blinded, and they can't pass correct judgement. I understand, so I am trying my best to stand in another's shoes, but the fact is they are not even attempting to stand in my shoes. It's okay. I'm sure it will work out one way or another, because the truth is, I have innocence on my side.

OTHER THAN THAT, I'm happy to show you these two outfits. :)


The shirt is a new release by a new store! AROMATIC! I'm sure you all know about Nostalgia, which closed awhile ago. Nosanta re-opened with this new and improved gem. > u < Thank you!

Hair :: Eater's Coma :: GIFT 03 (Light Mocha) :: Amazing fat pack of FREE hairs! 
Skin :: Please ignore this, as I'm afraid they will be angry at me if I blog it now, even though it is solely my creation. I don't want increasing drama! This was my surprise for you though... :(

Shirt :: AROMATIC :: Long Vest Tank (White) :: Not free. Cute new release! Go grab it now. NEW!
Bottom :: [DW] :: Mesh Leggings :: Not free. Only 75L$ and comes with 8 texture HUD. NEW!
Outer :: Mr.Poet :: Bat Sleeve Knit Coat :: Cute FREE coat! Comes in three colors. I t is originally meant for men, but it is rigged mesh, so fits okay.
Shoes :: *BALKANIK 2.0 :: Vintage Sneakers (Hipster) :: Free shoes that come in 7 patterns! :)

Hat :: Nostalgia :: Beanie Hat (Navy Flower) :: No longer available. Sorry ;(
Bag :: Nostalgia :: Tote Bag (Triangle) :: No longer available!
Necklace :: Morrigan's Closet :: Owly McOwlerson :: No longer available.


This ADORABLE dress is new for this week's SLFW. It's also an ultra-reduced price (50L$), so go grab it while you can! It'll last until next friday. I love the colors of this particular one, but the other patterns are also so adorably summer! <3

Hair :: Wasabi Pills :: Lory Mesh Hair (Lemon Tea) :: No longer available. You might be able to find it at The Arcade yard sales. :)

Dress :: Honey*Soul :: Deana One Piece (White Block) :: Cutest dress this summer. :) Fresh colors, and only around this week at SLFW! 50L$ only~ NEW!
Shoes :: S@BBIA :: Flower Pumps :: LB!

Neck :: VCO :: Waterproof Packs (White) :: Not free. Summer gacha! Thank you so much Julja! <3 
Knee :: NEO** :: Knee Tattoo Band 2 Bbiyak :: Not free. Cute knee tattoo gacha~ On 2F of u.f.o. :)
Arm :: ASO! :: Body Stamp Native :: No longer available. 

Okay that's all. This post was fun to make to get my mind off things. Do you like the style of the close-ups? I saw lots of girls putting stickers on their faces in photos LOL. Thought I'd try it on SL~ The skin is having trouble anyways... haha. Hope you enjoyed :)

{ P.S. }I would love to review any of your fashion products, and I'm currently open to be an official blogger for your shop or event. Just contact me. Kisses !


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