Outfit of the Day #26: Lovely Florals ✿

Hi guys! If you follow my tumblr, you'd know that I'm now an official blogger for Nostalgia, one of my favorite gacha stores! I'm so excited to show you her items; they are so cute! Yesterday I went on a shopping spree with Kate at many gacha stores: MAKAROONG, *PEACH*, and VCO. She bought many things (see her haul here) and I did too. ^ u ^ I will show you them in different outfits! 

Afterwards Lissa and I headed to elikatira (I bought a new hair yay!) and AMITOMO, where we both bought Blair skin. It took us forever to decide haha. Now I have a new look~ To introduce my new items, I put a lot of work into these photos. I hope you like them very much! ^ u ^ Love you all. 

This adorable overall I'm wearing is from a gacha at Nostalgia. It's so cute; I'm in love with it. It even comes with a cute sweetheart cut white tank top, which is not shown. There is a lace patterning on the pockets, which I hope you can see in my pictures. It is so detailed and beautiful~ There are 12 floral colors available, 5 of which are rare! They are all so beautiful, you can't go wrong. The gatcha is only 85L$ per play. 

Hair :: elikatira :: Studio (Brown 08) :: Not free. Cute hair~ I bought it yesterday~ 75L$ one color spec, 84L$ Essentials.
Hair Add-on :: tram. :: Pigtails for C601 Hair :: Not free. I wanted to buy the actual C601 hair too, but it is so expensive (350L$), so I just got add-ons haha. They work okay with some other hairs, but it's best matched as originally intended. The add on is 150L$.  NEW!
Skin :: AMITOMO :: Blair (Make-up 2) :: Not free. I finally bought an AMITOMO skin! I love it very much, but it took Lissa and I forever (hours!) to decide haha. 600L$.
Lashes :: Mother Goose :: Pointed Lashes #1 :: Lucky board!
Lip :: *CUPCAKES :: Freestyle Lip Stain #1 :: Free available at Free*Style! 

Top :: G.O.C. :: Bambi T-Gift :: Cute gift~ NEW!
Overalls :: *.::Nostalgia::.* :: Pocket Shorts with Top (Sky Blue) :: Not free. Adorable overalls gacha! 85L$ per play, 12 colors available. 5 are rare, but all are so beautiful. Please go check it out! Included top not shown.
Shoes :: MAKAROONG ! :) :: RO Flats Shoes (Animal Sheep) :: Not free. GACHA with amazing 12 designs + 1 rare. So cute and only 40L$ a play. Thank you Kate for trade. ^ u ^ NEW!

Bow :: RO :: Briar Bow Headband (Cake) :: No longer available, but there are other colors in store!
Glasses :: UtopiaH :: Summer Glasses :: Cute group gift. ^ u ^
Bag :: *.::Nostalgia::.* :: Tote Bag Flower Rabbit :: Lucky board! I love this bag so much! I'm obsessed with rabbits so it's perfect. Many other styles are also available.
Socks :: +RUI+ :: MORI Girl Aisare Wedges :: Lucky board. It's part of a wedge doll shoe set in lolita style. Very cute, but I am wearing only the socks. ^ u ^
Ring :: Baubles! by Phe :: Discoball Rings (Pink) :: Not free. 110L$ for three lovely, bright colors! NEW!


That's all now! I love this look very much. Hope you enjoyed~ 

{ P.S. }I would love to review any of your fashion products, and I'm currently open to be an official blogger for your shop or event. Just contact me. Kisses !


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